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Grateful for the sage insights of Silicon Valley Accountants CEO Gabriel Zubizarreta, KeyMark Chief Expectation Officer Jim Wanner, and BNY Mellon Principal Business Analysis Consultant Asif Iqbal in London to pen this feature on the vital topic of finance sector workflow——made even more timely by the morphing world we live in today. 

The Workflow Horizon for the Financial Sector 

When your charge is streamlining operations for a segment so large that it touches everything from Main Street fiscal management to the integrity of global capital markets, the stakes are certainly high.  When your list of considerations spans Dodd-Frank legislation, money laundering mitigation and the lightspeed pace of fintech innovation, the space is also anything but boring.

Three frontline thought leaders serving the finance sector from the investment banking, management consulting, and IT services perspectives share their sage workflow insights and predictions for the coming year here as a roadmap for tomorrow’s management success.

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<![CDATA[Conversations with Thought Leaders: February 2020 The Imaging Channel Magazine]]>Tue, 25 Feb 2020 10:30:29 GMThttps://kullcommunications.com/blog/conversations-with-thought-leaders-february-2020-the-imaging-channel-magazine
So much fun chatting up Clover Imaging Group President Eric Martin, Brown Office Supply President Jeffrey Brown, and ECI end user solutions subject matter expert Paul Giorgi to pen this Imaging Channel Magazine feature story. Enjoy!

Marketing to a Morphing Market in 2020

Operating in an environment featuring not only the widespread consolidation of dealers, but also the convergence of channel suppliers, makes these interesting times indeed for those charged with marketing to the space. Add to that the rapidly growing sophistication level of customer needs, a substantial spike in demand for end user document accuracy and security, and an increasingly stratified set of both customers and product categories, and the segment is anything but dull today.

Three frontline experts from the dealer, supplier and remanufacturing perspectives with a clear market purview share their take on today’s rapidly evolving customer, significant sector changes that impact marketing, and winning formulas to meet key customer needs in the immediate term.

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<![CDATA[The Currency of Time]]>Sun, 26 Jan 2020 09:15:20 GMThttps://kullcommunications.com/blog/the-currency-of-time
As the keeper of no less than five active to-do lists on any given day, I’ve never found meaningful utility in New Year’s resolutions. I do, however, see the value of taking a thoughtful moment to look back at a year just passed and consider how I’ve spent my time, and what those choices ultimately afforded me and those around me. While this exercise has given me tremendous joy and satisfaction this year, more than that—--it has afforded me an invaluable life lesson: When you’re fully present, time expands. 

With nothing routine about any one of the past 12 months, I can say that I was fully engaged every day. From a January snowboarding accident that forced me into presence fast (everything is a meditation with your dominant wrist on the mend), to the launching of a small business and living and working in eight different countries, every single day commanded my complete, focused attention. 

What I now see in the rearview is profound. Because I was fully present, 2019 expanded into a lifetime of experiences for me. Looking back, it’s hard to fathom all the leaps of faith taken, new skills cultivated, client projects pursued, adventures plotted, cultural immersion, and new relationships forged that were contained in the span of just 365 days. Having completely shown up for each and every moment, I can say that I’ve never lived a year more fully in my life. And because life is short and time is its most coveted currency----of course it’s something I’d love to repeat the rest of my years. Who doesn’t want to extend time?

Miles Davis once said “Time isn’t the most important thing. It’s the only thing.” I agree, and for me, it begs the vital question: From the professional paths you opt to walk down and the projects you take on, to the company you keep and the energy you surround yourself with—--how are you choosing to spend that currency? 

Until next time, Namaste. -Noelle 
<![CDATA[To Everyone in our Shared, Global Community]]>Fri, 13 Dec 2019 07:47:27 GMThttps://kullcommunications.com/blog/to-everyone-in-our-shared-global-community
Whatever tradition you celebrate, in whatever part of the world you might bemay the holiday season fill you with peace, joy, inspiration, and no shortage of good fortune throughout the New Year!

<![CDATA[Conversations with Thought Leaders: December 2019 The Imaging Channel Magazine]]>Fri, 13 Dec 2019 07:44:57 GMThttps://kullcommunications.com/blog/conversations-with-thought-leaders-december-2019-the-imaging-channel-magazine
Ever grateful for the generous and candid insights of thought leaders from around the world for this fun magazine cover story, including Clover Imaging Group Chairman Jim Cerkleski, Mike Betsko, Director of Solutions, Sales & Marketing at Canon U.S.A., ECI Software Solutions Strategic Partnerships Manager David Brown, and Brother Nordics Imaging and Printing Solution Specialist Jesper Olsson.  Enjoy!

Adapting to an Evolving Channel

The recent swath of sector acquisitions ranging from HP’s purchases of digital imaging corporation Apogee and Samsung Printing Solutions, to IBM’s recent purchase of open source software provider and Cloud platform gateway Red Hat has many in the channel waiting with baited breath for the other shoe to drop. This environment has only fueled analyst conjecture surrounding immediate HP designs on a Xerox acquisition, and substantial uncertainty for those within the imaging industry.

As everyone from resellers to manufacturers stare down the edict to adapt or find themselves obsolete in the face of mounting competition—how are we really faring today and what does the future hold? Key channel players around the world from the OEM, remanufacturing, and service segments share their thoughts on today’s market environment, the most striking changes of late, how the channel is adapting, and what makes for a happy ending tomorrow. 

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